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Kildare Marathon is Ireland’s number 1 blog for fitness and marathon. A healthy lifestyle is what we strive for here for everyone, not only in Ireland.

Kildare Marathon was founded by former waiter Nicholas Nicholson from Kildare. Nicholas was working as a waiter at two restaurants in Kildare. He was a jogging junkie and he would go for a run every chance he got.

He started running marathons at the age of 14 and he never stopped. If there was a marathon in town, you knew, he’d be the first to sign up.

Kildare Marathon

Kildare Marathon was named after the first-ever marathon Nicholas helped stage with a couple of his marathon buddies. He gathered more than 150 participants back in 2014 and they ran a 10k together.

Nicholas then shared the marathon experience online on his social media accounts and he even created a blog just for it. So, long story short, the blog took off with people asking if there are more marathons to come.

Kildare Marathon is now an information powerhouse when it comes to fitness and marathon tips. People from all over Ireland are monitoring every piece of content the blog publishes every single day.

The blog was featured by a bunch of lifestyle magazines in Ireland. Nicholas himself even became a fitness trainer at the Kildare Marathon Gym. If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, you should subscribe to Kildare Marathon’s weekly newsletter for hundreds of tips.

Subscribing to Kildare Marathon also means staying updated with dozens of upcoming marathon events not only in Kildare but all over the country.