Biggest Marathons in Ireland

featured image Biggest Marathons in Ireland - Biggest Marathons in Ireland

There are dozens of marathons and fun run events in Ireland every year. In every county, city, and town, you’ll never run short when it comes to marathons here in Ireland. If you are looking for the best marathons or fun runs to participate in, here’s a list for you.

Sumo Run

Just by reading the name of the event, you’ll know instantly that it is a fun run event. Sumo Run in Dublin is one of the most anticipated sporting events every year. The fun run takes place every year in April.

Upon registering for the run, you are given an inflatable sumo suit that you’ll have to put on for the race. If you don’t put it on, then that is an automatic disqualification. Runners then get to run 5k along the Marlay Park in the country’s capital city.

Sumo Run is not just a fun run, by the way, it is also a charitable run. All proceeds are given to the Purple House Cancer Support. By the way, this fun run is open for people from the age of 7 and above.

The suit will also serve as your shield and it lessens the chances of injuries. You can just literally roll around until the finish line, but, it’s funny to see people running while wearing sumo suits.

Wild Atlantic Ultra

Probably one of the best marathon events in the country. This event is described as the “most beautiful run” here in Ireland. Why is that? The route you get to run is truly a sight you want to see.

You get to run through the County Mayo and enjoy the stretches of green vistas and mountains around. This is only for advanced runners with the experience and the right training. You’ll forget about your exhaustion once you look to your left or right for the view.

Great Ireland Run

In Dublin, mid-April, people from all over the country gather for one of the most anticipated marathons in the country. The Great Ireland Run is a 10 km run across the Phoenix Park in Dublin. Every year, more than a thousand people register for the event.

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