Top Fitness Apps to Use in 2020

Some people need a little help when it comes to establishing a healthier lifestyle. That means getting back in shape, improving their overall health, starting a healthy diet, and everything in between. You can get all the help you need even if you don’t join a gym or a fitness centre. All you have to […]

Training Techniques to Improve Your Marathon Performance

Some people believe they can run a full marathon without being well prepared and training at all. Well, some people can do so, but most of them are not able to finish at all while others feel a lot of pain afterwards. Running a marathon is not just being able to run for quite a […]

Anticipated Marathon Events in Kildare

The county of Kildare is known for many tourist destinations including the Kildare Cathedral and the Irish National Stud & Gardens. But not many people know that the county is pretty awesome when it comes to marathons. Some of the best fun runs and marathons take place in Kildare every year. People from all over […]