Best Running Gear to Buy Today

To run more efficiently and more comfortably, you need to have the right gear and apparel. This is not about looking cool but looking the part and making sure to play the part well.

The gear we are going to include in this list are all affordable and of great quality. That way, you’ll be using them for years to come and they’ll be with you for every finish line you cross.

Fuel Belt Helium

A marathon is a long-distance run, mostly 5 km. That is the course for most beginners but most marathons in Ireland are 10 km long. That is why it is essential to have hydration when you need it.

It can be a pain looking for some water while running. There might be checkpoints wherein the organizers provide water and some snacks. However, it is best to have those supplies with you throughout.

A fuel belt helium is made of ventilated foam pads. Therefore, it is much lighter compared to other belt carriers. It is also more breathable and comfortable to carry around while running.

It can carry two 7oz BPA-free water bottles as well as some small items you need for the run. The waistband is adjustable with a Velcro closure.

Wireless Earbuds

According to studies, music helps runners run faster and more efficiently. It is suggested that with music, people can get into the rhythm as they run, and they maintain that composure throughout because of the music.

With that, you’ll need a pair of earbuds and you should go wireless. These accessories are light wear and are perfectly designed to fit your ear without you feeling any weight at all. You also get rid of that annoying feeling of pushing the wire away every time you move your arms.

A pair of good earbuds are sure to last you a year or more if you take good care of them. These are not just for marathons but other activities as well.

Socks with Blister Tabs

One of runner’s mortal enemies is a blister. This annoying small pocket of body fluid is something millions of runners dread every time they go for a run. Blisters are common on your feet during marathons.

That is why it is advisable to put on a pair of comfy socks with blister tabs. These socks have strategic cushioning for the areas that require it most, meaning the blister areas. You don’t need to worry about getting a blister because you are already worried about conquering the race.

There is more gear you need to buy but we highly suggest you get these three items as soon as possible. Make sure to get quality products for optimal support.